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Emmanuel Okuni Annang

I was born in Ghana, West Africa and raised in a community that plays traditional Drums. By a very young age I was playing the Kpanlogo and the Djembe skillfully.

I began to support master drummers in activities ranging from small community parties to bigger cultural festivals.

As a result of my continuous playing and learning experiences, I am now a Master Drummer. Whilst in Ghana I worked as a drum and dance teacher at Ghana's National Theatre, was a professional drum maker based at the National Craft Centre in Accra and formed by own traditional dance group, 'Emmanuel Warriors.

Since I moved to Wales in 2009, I have been facilitating African drumming, dancing and cultural workshops in schools, community settings and music festivals throughout the country. My workshops are based around participatory games and exercises to increase awareness and enable practical experiences around: African Geography, Ghanaian languages, traditional drumming and dancing, traditional Ghanaian clothing, African drum-making, traditional storytelling, cultural heritage and traditional crafts and Fair Trade in the cocoa industry in Ghana. Having been born and brought up in Ghana, I am keen to share my cultural heritage with those I interact with in Wales, to spread more meaningful and positive messages of Africa and to share in conversations around cultural exchange. 

I have been delivering Ghanaian cultural workshops and performing on a regular basis, (at least monthly), since 2009.

All African Djembe's sold on my site are personally hand crafted by myself. Custom designs and orders are welcome. All materials used are quality controlled and tested. 





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